INSIDE PHANEROO: Meaning Of Popular Fellowship Revealed


Phaneroo is a dynamic, life transforming and generational impacting ministry with a vision to transform nations and the entire world with the word of God, according to the fellowship’s website.

The Greek word ‘Phaneroo’ is translated as bringing to manifestation that which existed but is not seen. Consequently, what we want to see in this generation is that Christians start bringing forth things that men never thought existed yet they did in fact exist.

“We understand that the visibility of the invisible things, even the Godhead is the manifestation of the sons of God for which creation groans. The Phaneroo vision entails the raising of Christians that are distinguished as sons of God; separated for the demonstration of the God life to the world and crowned with the glories of eternity,” the fellowship says.

Phaneroo is an army; it is a force, sweeping across the nations, the continents and the entire globe, consuming men with the understanding of truth and who God is. Because we know that healing and the ability to perform miracles belongs to all, it also means that every Christian in their distinctive capacity ought to know how to heal, perform the miraculous and change any circumstance of their life.

They add, “We are raising a generation that does not depend on a man of God for solutions but rather individuals that are solutions in themselves at their work places, in their homes, on the streets and everywhere else. If their children are ill, they do not call the pastor; they cast out sickness; if their companies are struggling, they get into their closets on their own accord and change the status quo; if they find a lame man on the street, they do not need to carry them to church to have them healed; they cause him to walk in that moment.”

“We believe in the inherent integrity of the word to work in the lives of men, the immutability of the Counsels of God who wills and purposes in us and in the manifestation of the divine life of God in and through men.”


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