Zimbabwe Prophet Warns Of Bloodshed If Uganda Follows Sudan Protests


A Prophet in Zimbabwe has warned Ugandans that they risk shedding blood if they copy the Sudan protests that have seen long serving strongman Gen Omar Al Bashir deposed and jailed

The Bulawayo based founder of Devine Kingdom Ministries, Ian Ndlovu has warned the people of Uganda not to engage in a mass uprising against the government of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni .

During a live service recently Ndlovu said, “The Spirit of God is telling me that I must given a warning to the people who are civilians in Uganda that if they try what happened in Sudan there will be very serious bloodshed.

“I saw very serious bloodshed. If they try to toy-toy to remove their leader it would be a serious cost in terms of lives.

“They should pray for other methods of creating change. Toy-toying and demonstrations may have worked in neighbouring Sudan but it will not work in Uganda.”

Ndlovu established the Divine Kingdom Baptist Ministries in 2008.


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