SHOCKER! Pastor Bugingo Tells Wife ‘Go Hang’ As Couple Clash Over Church Land

Pastor Bugingo

House of Prayer Ministries International (HPMI) leader, Pastor Aloysius Bugingo and his wife are in a bitter feud over ownership of Canaan land where the church sits.

According to revelations made by the pastor during his Sunday Service, the two and their daughter, Doreen Gift are clashing over who should be added as part owners of the land.

“This land is for believers, same with the radios we create and televisions. When you look at most churches, the land is registered in the names of pastors, their spouses and children. I registered HPMI in 2010,” he said.

He added going bare knuckles on his wife, “If God calls me today, no one can claim ownership of this land. You no longer see my wife and daughter on this pulpit. They filed papers in the registrations bureau because they want me to add other people who will then force me to remove those they don’t want. I refused. I am waiting to see who will come telling me that Teddy and Doreen don’t want so and so in the ownership hierarchy. It will not happen.”

“This is church land, whoever i want to register as part owner is my right, those who don’t want to accept that can hang!” Bugingo in his familiar sharp high pitched voice said confidently.

He also promised to reveal more ‘data’ on the issue after a fasting period of two weeks that begins on Monday.

The man of God who once worked as a house help commonly known in Uganda as house boys, also talked about his upbringing revealing how emerged from humble backgrounds. He mentioned the odd jobs he did in the city to make ends meet.

“I believe in miracles, our lives are miracles….we welcome visitors today who are here to see whether this thing is real, this thing is real, we are in love with God,”

Bugingo scoffed at those who thought his church was unable to collect enough money to build his church. There is an on-going fundraising campaign to build the church that is now housed in a tent.

The organisation is hoping to erect a 38000 capacity church called the Pentagon estimated to cost shs70bn.

The pastor bragged that in 109 days his, church collected a whooping shs1bn.

He added that on Good Friday, his church collected shs65.9m which has since been deposited in Centenary Bank.

“Learn to live in today’s faith, current faith, continuous faith,” he told believers.


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