DETAILS: Pastor Bugingo Marriage On Verge Of Collapse; Wife Accuses Him Of Cheating


Popular city Pastor Aloysius Bugingo’s marriage is no longer at ease after his wife accused him of alleged infidelity, abandoning their marital home and asking for divorce.

According to an interview of the wife, Teddy Naluswa, carried by state owned New Vision, Teddy claims that she heard of rumors that her hubby was seeing another woman but decided to play the submissive wife and ignore the issue.

“I had no clue until i heard a rumor that he was seeing another woman. Nut just as the Bible says that ‘wives submit to your husbands,’ i continued submitting to him,” she said in the interview.

She added that matters jumped from the frying pan to the fire in 2017 when he allegedly stopped appearing at their marital form only showing up once a week

Bugingo is leader of House of Prayer Ministries International (HPMI) popularly known as Canaan land.

Her allegations come days after the pastor accused her and his daughter Doreen Bugingo of trying to take over the church land.

“If God calls me today, no one can claim ownership of this land. You no longer see my wife and daughter on this pulpit. They filed papers in the registrations bureau because they want me to add other people who will then force me to remove those they don’t want. I refused. I am waiting to see who will come telling me that Teddy and Doreen don’t want so and so in the ownership hierarchy. It will not happen,” Bugingo said during the Sunday service.


However, says that the real truth is that the no nonsense Bugingo wants to divorce her and has been threatening to do so or else he plants her image on media announcing to the whole world that she wants to steal church land.

The couple have been married for 29 years and have four children together.

According to her, Bugingo is secretly planning to marry his yet to be identified girlfriend working with Salt TV, under his Salt Media company.

Naluswa adds that he is staying with the lady in a rented house in Lungujja, a city suburb.



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