DETAILS: Unanswered Questions In Murder Of Top Catholic Brother Mugarura

Asiimwe (L) and the slain Catholic Brother Mugarura

Mystery continues to shroud the manner in which Superior General of the Banakarooli Brothers, Rev Brother Norbert Emmanuel Mugarura, was brutally murdered.

The Kyiteredde Banakarooli Brothers of Christian instruction is an institution in the Catholic Church that runs many educational institution in East Africa.

On Wednesday last week, Ugandans woke up to the sad and shocking news that the top catholic priest had been murdered in cold blood at a student’s hostel in Banda, on the outskirts of the capital, Kampala.

As a result, police arrested the student, Robert Asiimwe, after the driver of a car he’d hired to reportedly collect garbage, became suspicious of the package that he was directed to take to a dumping site.

The driver tipped the police which established that the garbage contained a human corpse, wrapped in polythene material. Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Patrick Onyango said Asiimwe confirmed that the deceased was called Emmanuel Mugarura, his former teacher at St Charles Lwanga School in Bushenyi district. He said the teacher visited him two days earlier but suddenly died in his room.

It appears the victim, Mugarura was reportedly sponsoring Asiimwe’s education at Kyambogo University where he is pursuing a Bachelor of Administrative Science degree.


However, questions abound about what could have led to this heinous act that saw the priest lose his life at the hands of a boy whose education he was reportedly sponsoring.

Mugarura had traveled to the city with colleagues from their Masaka district base and as ‘protocol’ would dictate, he was supposed to reside at the Rubaga Social Centre but opted to go stay over at the student’s hostel in Banda.

Why did Brother Mugarura choose to spend the night at the student’s hostel when he had the ‘official’ option of staying at the social centre?

He reportedly left his vehicle parked at Rubaga and took a boda boda to Kyambogo.

Why didn’t he inform colleagues that he would be spending the night at his former student’s hostel? Why didn’t he go with his vehicle?

Following his arrest, Asiimwe has reportedly told investigators that the slain priest was sexually harassing him.

Could it be possible that the two could have been involved in a brawl over the same issue that led to the priest’s death?

The Catholic Church has faced a raft of allegations of child sex abuse by priests and an inadequate response by bishops.

Local media reports indicate that Mugarura had in his possession shs200m that he wanted to use for the purchase of a new car.

If this is true, why did he want to buy a car on his own? Local reports reveal that the institution has a treasurer who is in charge of buying items like cars.

Mugarura has served as superior general for five months. He was appointed on January 27, 2019.

Mugarura was laid to rest on Monday. May he RIP!



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