INSPIRING VIDEO: Watoto Children Sing Their Hearts out, Must See!


Watoto is a ministry in Kampala Uganda that is caring for over 4000 orphans and vulnerable women.

It was developed to help solve some of the country’s desperate cry for help as war, and disease had left so many children orphaned bringing hope to many.

This fun uplifting video is shot in Uganda with music worship leaders Brad, and Rebekah. Singing with them are the children in the Watoto Children’s Choir.

They are praising and singing about the rescuing, and redeeming love of God the Father in their lives.

The video below was posted on Brad & Rebekah’s YouTube channel

In 1994, the Watoto Children’s Choirs begun to travel around the world telling a glad story of what God is doing to turn around the lives of children without hope. The choirs speak for many children who cannot speak for themselves.

Today, more than 100 choirs have toured the globe telling the story of children that have been rescued, raised to be leaders who will be part of rebuilding cities, nations, and continents.

10 years ago, Watoto started reaching vulnerable women and their children in the communities where they live.

Watoto now cares for more than 4,000 children in three Watoto Children’s Villages and over 1,400 babies have been rescued in the ministry’s babies’ homes. “We have come alongside over 5,000 women,” the ministry says.

For more information about the ministry of Watoto and Child Sponsorship please visit –

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