Author Erica Mukisa On How She Was Initiated Into Sorcery And God’s Saving Grace

Erica Mukisa (L) and her hubby Bamboo on their wedding day

A Ugandan author has revealed shocking details of how she once served the devil through sorcery, her initiation and God’s saving Grace on her life.

Erica Mukisa, author of ‘A Story of Hell, Witchcraft and Family: Erica Part One, Seven Years in Hell’ made the starling revelations in an interview on a local Television station saying she at one point had the power to make people get out of their sleep (unconsciously) and dig in her farmland.

“I started t the age 8. As i said in the beginning, a sorcerer is more powerful than a witch-doctor. They can even hold rain in an area. A sorcerer can make you dig in their farm when you think yo sleeping. They have ability to do strange things so they are more deadly than witch-doctors,” Erica said in the chilling revelation.

In the book, Erica gives a detailed account of how she was initiated into sorcery by her paternal grandmother at the tender age eight years.

Erica writes in the book that for the next seven years, she practiced witchcraft alongside her grandmother. Eric finally met her salvation in February 2009 when she converted to a devout Christian.

In the interview, she also mentioned that top artists in Uganda have sold their souls to the devil and actively participate in sorcery.

Mukisa also recalls instances when her grandmother would go to graveyards and speak to spirits of the dead and after a series of cultic rituals, she (Mukisa) had powers to move out of her body and interact with her ancestors.




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