Church Of Uganda To Elect Archbishop Ntagali Replacement This Month

Archbishop Stanley Ntagali led the service to celebrate Easter

The Church of Uganda will next year have a new Archbishop with the retirement of Stanley Ntagali in March 2020.

Reports from the church indicate that elections for the new leader will be held this month.

“Thank God for the faithful leadership and ministry of His Grace the Most Rev. Stanley Ntagali, Archbishop of the Church of Uganda. In this month of August 2019, there are to be elections for a new Archbishop. Pray that the Lord will raise a man after His heart as the next Archbishop for the Church of Uganda,” Namirembe Diocese posted.

The Constitution of the Church of Uganda requires all clergy to retire at 65 years of age and 1st March 2020 will be Archbishop Ntagali’s 65th birthday.

Ntagali who was installed as 8th Archbishop on 16th December 2012, has been on a countrywide tour bidding farewell to the church.

He has advised Christians to desist from speculating about his successor.

“I never dreamt of being Archbishop but God called me as a catechist in 1979. I was humbled when as I chosen as Archbishop but am more humbled today as I bid farewell to you,” Ntagali said recently.

He added, “By 2012, we had 34 Dioceses but during my tenure, we created more 3 new Dioceses including West Lango, Central Busoga and North West Ankole. More two including East Busoga and West Rwenzori have been approved by the Provincial Assembly and we hope the Bishops will be consecrated by the next Archbishop.”

He said that he was only retiring from full-time ministry but not preaching.

Who elects an Archbishop?
The House of Bishops elects the Archbishop. The House of Bishops is comprised of all active Diocesan and Assistant Bishops. At the time of Archbishop Stanley Ntagali’s election, there were 34 Bishops in the House of Bishops.
The Provincial Chancellor presides over the election.
What are the constitutional requirements regarding Archbishops of the Church of Uganda?
An Archbishop can serve only for ten years and no more.
They can only serve until their 65th birthday. At the age of 65 an Archbishop must retire, even if he has served less than his ten-year term.
To be elected an Archbishop, you must be a Bishop in the Church of Uganda and at least 50 years old.
All Dioceses must have Bishops. There can be no vacant dioceses.



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