Judith Babirye ‘Hubby’ Speaks On ‘Introduction’ Reports: Leave Issues Of Generals To Generals

L-R; Paul Musoke, Lukia “Nalongo” Ntale and Judith Babirye

Ugandan lawmaker, Paul Musoke who last year married the country’s gospel songstress, Judith Babirye, want the public to stop talking about his marital affairs saying they should leave it to him.

Musoke who made the remarks in a brief conversation with our reporter saying only him will handle the matter

“Leave issues of generals to generals,” Musoke, the Buikwe North MP said.

When pressed to comment on reports that he was introduced by his first wife, Lukia “Nalongo” Nantale, Paul insisted on leaving the issue to him.

Social media has been awash with reports that the legislator had been introduced by Lukia over the weekend at her family home at an invite-only function with reported heavy security.

Last year, he was also introduced by Judith Babirye, the queen of gospel music in Uganda, at a colorful ceremony.

Babirye, now the woman MP representing Buikwe, landed in Paul’s arms from her marriage to Pastor Samuel Niiwo.

Babirye introducing Musoke last year

The singer-turned politician is said to be in Canada where she traveled recently to give birth according to reports.

Ntale had warned Babirye against getting married to her husband. “I have been seeing you with my husband knowing you were just friends,” she said, “When you came for the burial of my father, I saw you asking for my eldest child.
The man you want to introduce is married. I am his wife and we have three children. You are a mother, a woman like me and a Born-again. I warn you to leave my husband alone.”

Babirye was not available for a comment on the news that her hubby had been introduced by his ex.

In January 2017, Babirye filed for divorce, saying their marriage was stormy and characterised by sadness owing to what she describes as Niiwo’s cruel, erratic, violent behaviour and lack of respect to the sanctity of their marriage.

The couple were wedded at Rubaga Miracle Centre on March 12, 2005. Babirye accused Niiwo of being a serial adulterer, who neglected his fatherly responsibilities to the many children he fathers out of his numerous relationships. She asked court to relieve her of the burden and free her from a violent marriage. She cited an incident when Niiwo physically assaulted her, hence forcing her to flee their marital home in November 2009. They had a daughter together.


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