EXCERPTS: Watoto Church Begins ‘Designer Sex’ Sermons To Encourage Only Marital Sex


On Sunday 1st September, Uganda’s Watoto Church begun a month-long sermon dubbed ‘Designed Sex’ to share God’s purpose for sex and encourage high standards of morality.

According to Watoto Church, “Our goal with the #DesignerSex message is to share with you God’s redemptive truth, in love, so that you can allow His grace to guide your life’s decisions, strengthen you and bring restoration.”

Below are excerpts from the sermon delivered on Sunday

For the next few weeks, we want to share knowledge on the purpose and beauty of Godly sex in our new teaching series.

  • Sex is God’s idea. “… That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife and they become one flesh. Adam and his wife were both naked and they felt no shame.” Genesis 2:22-25.
  • is about sexual activity between a husband and wife, within a covenant relationship called marriage.
  • Sex within God’s design is HOLY. “Honour marriage and guard the sacredness of sexual intimacy between wife and husband. God draws a firm line against casual and illicit sex.” Hebrews 13:4
  • God designed sex to unite a husband and his wife together as they grow in oneness. “… and the two will become one flesh. So, they are no longer two, but one flesh.” Mark 10:8
  • Sex releases a bonding agent that makes us want to connect physically and emotionally with our spouses. And once connected, stay connected!
  • When you sleep with multiple partners, you are gluing yourself to multiple people and the results are often disastrous.
  • Sex between a husband and wife strengthens the bond of marriage and fosters unity.
  • If you are unmarried, abstain from sex. Don’t buy into the lie that you need experience. Stay the course till your wedding day.
  • Married couples, keep the marriage bed pure and exciting; seek to please one another as often as you can because God designed sex for your mutual enjoyment.
  • God designed sex for procreation. “God wants husbands and wives to become one body and one spirit. Why? So that they would have holy children and protect that spiritual unity. Don’t cheat on your wife. She has been your wife from the time you were young.” Mal 2:15
  • God, in His wisdom, designed that we would take part in creation by having Godly offspring. This is by children being born in a loving relationship, nurtured within the stable environment of marriage. Malachi 2:15.
  • The blessing of having a united family affects both the members of that family and society.
  • We see hurt and pain all around us as a result of sex outside of God’s plan. Let’s change this story by raising Godly offspring and rebuilding our nation for the Glory of God!
  • Married couples, remain faithful to the vows you made on your wedding day.
  • Parents, proactively engage your children about sex. When your children ask, be the first to respond and give them the truth with age-appropriate information.
  • Be cautious about the things you expose your children to on TV and the internet, the places you take them for sleepovers, etc. When you see anything that deviates from God’s truth, address it with your children in love and understanding.
  • God wants us to light the fire first (get married) then switch on the gas (have sex) to enjoy a sustained glow like the ‘burning bush’, on fire but not consumed.
  • God designed sex to be enjoyed in the right context. It’s an amazing expression of intimacy that for bonding, offers immense pleasure and facilitates procreation for His glory.
  • If you’ve already crossed that line, ask God to forgive you. Not only will He forgive you, Holy Spirit will also help you deal with the guilt and shame.
  • Let’s embrace God’s truth and enjoy His gift of #DesignerSex. If you need to talk to anyone or need prayer, contact us on +256 776260071 or +256 776260007.


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