Bugingo Marriage Saga: Wife Cries Out To Speaker Kadaga, Minister Nakiwala To Intervene


Teddy Naluswa Bujingo, the wife to controversial city preacher, Aloysius Bugingo has appealed to the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga and the Minister of State for Youth and Children Affairs Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi to intervene in her family affairs and rein in on her want-away hubby.

A teary Teddy who spoke to the media on Tuesday says Bugingo no longer wants to take care of their children who are in school.

“The children went to his office to pay him a courtesy call and ask for school fees but he instead called his bouncers to chase them,” Teddy said adding that she has tried to get him to commit through her lawyers in vain.

The couple is currently battling a divorce case in court after Bugingo filed for the dissolution of their marriage, a battle that was set into motion two months ago after the pastor accused his wife and their daughter, Doreen Bugingo of conspiring to ‘steal’ land on which his church he sits.

In response, his wife accused the pastor of cheating on her and secretly planning to wed another woman, Susan Makula.

Teddy has since accused Bugingo of disregarding court appearances saying her only hope is Speaker Kadaga and Nakiwala Kiyingi.

“My only hope is in you,” Teddy said as she broke down in tears.

She added, “I ask you Nakiwala to intervene because my children may fail to study. Rebecca Kadaga, please intervene because my children have to study,” Teddy said.


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