Pastor Patience Museveni To Singles: Seek God First, He Doesn’t Go Wrong

Pastor Patience Museveni preaching at church recently

Covenant Nations Church Pastor Patience Rwabwogo Museveni has appealed to singles seeking lifelong soulmates to seek God in their endeavors.

According to a tweet on the Church’s handle attributed to Pastor Patience, God is the original matchmaker who never goes wrong.

“”For those of you that are single & praying for who your future spouse is going to be, I want you to know that seeking God is the absolute best thing you can do; because He is the original matchmaker, the one who doesn’t get it wrong,” the tweet reads.

It adds, “Did you know that Adam never dated anyone? The first woman that God brought to him was the right one.”

Covenant Nations Church aims to train up a generation of Africans that recognize that “our identity, legitimacy and purpose comes from our Heavenly Father and that only in true intimacy with Him do we become all that he created us to be,” according to the church mission.

Last year, Pastor Patience revealed in an interview her encounter with the Lord and why she chose to serve him.


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