Musician-turned Lawyer Sylver Kyagulanyi Releases Gospel Song To Celebrate 40-year Mark

Sylver Kyagulanyi

Uganda’s song writing maestro, Sylver Kyagulanyi is on cloud nine celebrating four decades on planet earth.

As part of celebrations to mark his 40th birthday, the musician-turned lawyer, has released a gospel song titled ‘Ekisa Ekinoondola’ loosely translated as ‘Grace That Follows me’ as a tribute to the creator for making him hit the 40 year milestone.

“The first verse  of the song portrays  how  the grace of God has preserved me even when I’m imperfect and often making careless, reckless or foolish choices…I use the figurative of a deer with broken toes surrounded by lions to  portray how God through His grace  protects me  even when I’m helpless and hopeless,” Sylver says of the song that has gone viral on social media platforms.

He adds, “The Chorus is my song of the grace that follows me everywhere I go, the  wonderful grace that chases after me since I was a little boy. That grace of God that never lets me down which will surely lead me to heaven. The second verse depicts that even when I did not know much of the spiritual world I was preserved by the grace of God.”

As you read this, a hashtag ‘#EkisaEkinoondola’ is trending on micro-blogging website Twitter with people sharing testimonies of what God has done for them.

Sylver Kyagulanyi during his enrollment as a High Court Advocate early this year

Sylver Kyagulanyi is also the director of Sikia Media Services. He has been one of the most successful songwriters in Uganda in addition to recording a number of gospel hits.

Early this year, he was enrolled at the High Court in Kampala as an advocate.




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