President Museveni To Uganda Pastors: Go Slow On Traditional Religions, Engage Them


Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has urged Pastors, Apostles and Evangelists in Uganda to be doers of the word of God.

Museveni made the call on Monday during a meeting with the Pentecostal leaders at a meeting held at Lugogo Cricket Oval in the capital Kampala, also urged asked them to go slow on traditional religions.

“Wherever you look in the Bible, the guidance is “Don’t just talk, but do. That is how God will assess you,” Museveni said.

During his address, the president, a former scripture union leader in his high school days, recited the Bible with ease told the congregation of preachers to support his poverty eradication plans.

“I challenge you. Christians should be examples when it comes to wealth creation and chasing away poverty. How can a Christian be the light when his children are starving and wearing rags?” Museveni wondered.

He added, “Somebody gave talents to different people; some lost them, some didn’t use them but the giver was happy with those who multiplied them. How have you used your talents?. When it comes to wealth creation and chasing away poverty, the Bible says, “Let your light shine so bright through your good deeds so that your Father in heaven is glorified.”

The president also said he would distribute booklets to inform the church leaders on government plans to rid the country of poverty.

On traditional religions, Museveni asked the leaders to engage them instead of acting like judges towards the former.

A cross section of pastors at the meeting

Pastor Robert Kayanja of Rubaga Miracle Centre appealed to the President to reign in on Ethics Minister Father Simon Lokodo’s proposed law on the regulation of Pentecostal leaders.

“Africa is no longer under the curse. It’s time to stand with you (President Museveni) to build our land. We have one disturbing issue that is scaring all 55,000 of us; Father Lokodo’s policy document,” Kayanja said.

The proposal among others suggests that Pentecostal leaders should obtain formal theological training to be recognised.

In response, Museveni called for calm saying at the right time, he will meet the leaders together with Lokodo to discuss the issue.

The president whose daughter is also a pastor – Patience Rwabwogo Museveni, said that praying about the issue will also be part of the equation urging them not to over burden themselves but instead call on the Lord.

“I have not had time to discuss with [Ethics Minister] Lokodo. We shall discuss his proposal [that all religious leaders must obtain formal theological training] biblically; Simon Peter didn’t go to a seminary. We shall discuss this,” Museveni said before donating cash to the leaders.



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