‘The Devil Had Me Chasing A Gold Statue’: Kanye West Shares His Testimony of Being Born Again

Kanye West Sunday Service event, California, 2019. | Screenshot/YouTube

Famed rapper Kanye West aka YE shared his testimony of coming to Jesus, being born again and holding fast to Christ’s greatness at a recent church service in Atlanta.

Taking to the stage at a recent church service, famed rapper Kanye West shared his testimony of finding Jesus, being born again and holding fast to Christ’s greatness.

Recently, Ye was welcomed into the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta, to a crowd of over 600 people who, according to Billboard, were lined up for hours before the service to get a chance to witness West’s famed Sunday Service.

As reported by BET, “Along with his typical praise and worship sessions, Kanye offered a special sermon [at the service], speaking on the importance of accepting both God’s power along with His plan for you.”

In a Youtube video shared by pastor Dr. Sunday Adelaja, Kanye West began by sharing how God has worked miracles in his and others’ lives. Despite being tempted personally by every “shiny” thing the devil could possibly have shown him, West found the truth. Ye revealed through a worshipful moment anchored in the sentiments of Ecclesiastes that he discovered that “Nothing beats God” and that only God can give you a sound mind.

And that is something West would understand personally. As stated by Faithwire, “Known for his unorthodox opinions and unfiltered style, West told Forbes in a recent interview that it was his “radical obedience” to Jesus Christ that helped him through his headline-grabbing mental breakdown in 2016.

During his Atlanta Sunday Service, Ye encouraged the packed sanctuary with sentiments of singular focus to God, and not man: “Let’s not be concerned with the opions of men at all. Only the opinion of God. Let’s not be concerned with the validation of men at all. Only of God.”

West continued, imploring the attendees to fight for greater measures of accountability as disciples of Christ and “to be radically in service to Christ.” Confessing how Christ delivered him, saved him and brought him closer to his children and family after years of deception “chasing a gold statue.”

“The power of God cannot be calculated by…a bank account, by how many cars you drive or by how big your house is…it’s God inside of us…,” Ye proclaimed.

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