I’m Breathing By God’s Grace Despite Attempts To Kill Me – Minister Nantaba


Uganda’s State Minister for ICT Aidah Nantaba has proclaimed her faith in prayer to God amidst her challenges including people plotting her elimination according to the minister.

Nantaba has been embroiled in a saga following the death of a one Ronald Ssebulime who was shot dead early this year.

“I am breathing by God’s grace,” Nantaba said while appearing on a local television station on Thursday morning.

Ssebulime, who, was riding a motorbike, was arrested and handcuffed before being shot dead by police on Sunday, March 24, 2019, on suspicion that he wanted to assassinate Nantaba who is also Kayunga District Woman MP.

In the aftermath, three police constables Ronald Opira, Edward Cherotich and Ronald Baganza were sued for the shooting that claimed Ssebulime’s life.

Last month, the Directorate Of Public Prosecutions (DPP) withdrew murder charges against Nantaba.

“I’m a prayerful gal, woman, i pray a lot and God knows my calendar well,” Nantaba who subscribes to the Seventh Day Adventist faith revealed.

She also said that she knows those who want to eliminate her but believing in God for protection emphasizing that her hope is in the creator.


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