Don’t Live For The weekend, Live Every Day & Turn Monday Blues Into TGIM!


By Rita Arinaitwe

Monday’s morning was cold, rainy and most probably some people did not report to work as God opened up the skies.

For a day that usually sets off  a chain of feelings of sadness and anxiety born from what is usually a merry weekend for many, Monday’s weather couldn’t have been any worse.

These are some ways you can beat your Monday blues and say Thank God It’s Monday… and join the of us that really look forward to a Monday and the blessings that come with it.

“The ‘Monday Blues’ describe a set of negative emotions that many people get at the beginning of the workweek if they’re not happy at work,” says Alexander Kjerulf, an international author and speaker on happiness at work. “It contains elements of depression, tiredness, hopelessness and a sense that work is unpleasant but unavoidable.”

However, these ‘blues’ can be offset with a number of life changing decisions. These life hacks will make your Mondays and all days of the week fun!

1. Reflect. Sit down on Sunday and reflect on what is working and what didn’t work. More like preparing yesterday for today.

Ryan Kahn, a career coach, founder of The Hired Group, star of MTV ’s Hired, and author of Hired! The Guide for the Recent Grad, says To help combat that Monday morning anxiety, be sure to leave yourself as few dreadful tasks as possible on Friday afternoon, Friedman says. “By taking care of the things you least want to handle at the end of one work week, you’re making the start of the next that much better.”

2. Select your goals. If you wake up on Monday, choose a target for the week, I mean you have just five days to figure out things. Don’t be bouncing on everything in just hours, identify your tasks, group them and roll. This will help you to focus on priorities that are driving you towards your goals.
3. Understand your rhythm. If you have a backlog from the weekend. Could be an email you forgot to send, calls you did not return. Do something that will be kicked off your to do list.
4. Prioritize, don’t waste time on things that can wait.
5. Maximize your potential and be grateful when you achieve something. Some people call this celebrating those small achievements. They are the foundation of this big successful dream you are constructing.
6. Have your meals. If you are to miss don’t miss out on comfort. A healthy mind only fits well in a healthy body
7. Manage your time. If it means setting reminders, please do. Don’t be giving up your responsibilities to someone else. Even though it’s touted as one of the most productive days in the week, narrow down your to-do list to an important few tasks and complete them with great fervor and zeal. Stay dedicated to your work and keep reminding yourself that the burden you normally would carry was just in fact a case of lower level of organization.

Once you’ve achieved your target for the day, take a break and if there’s time to spare, make sure you pick up the next best thing allotted to you for the day.

8. Learn to measure your success. Whether it is one thing kicked off your list, well done.

Rita Arinaitwe aka Rita Styles is a writer and social media influencer 

Twitter: @Ghost Bae



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